Volleyball Hair Ties: 5 Stylish Ways to Keep Your Hair in Check on the Court

When we’re on the court, there’s nothing more distracting than having hair in our faces. That’s where volleyball hair ties step in to save the day. Hair ties are not only functional, they contribute actively to an increase of your perfomance on the court. When you don’t have to worry about your clear vision, you can focus on your sportive tasks during the match.

So hair ties can be directly compared to the impact of the right volleyball shoes and volleyball knee pads.


Understanding Volleyball Hair Ties

When we’re out on the court, there’s nothing we value more than focus—and volleyball hair ties are key to keeping our hair secure and out of the way. Let’s dive into what makes these accessories a must-have for any volleyball athlete.

Importance of Comfort

We know that the last thing you want during an intense game is a hair tie digging into your scalp. Comfortable volleyball hair ties are designed to be gentle, ensuring that they don’t pull or snag. By choosing ties with a soft texture, we can concentrate on the game without any distraction or discomfort.

Material and Texture

The material of a hair tie significantly affects its feel and performance. Typically, volleyball hair ties are made of materials that offer stretchiness without losing shape. Fabrics like nylon and elastane strike a balance between a soft touch and sturdy elasticity, giving you a secure fit that holds back even the thickest hair.

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Hold and Durability

Lastly, the hold and durability of volleyball hair ties are crucial. A good hair tie should maintain its grip throughout spikes, sets, and dives. Look for ties that are lab-tested for strength, like the ones used by Olympians, which promise to be up to 13 times stronger than average ties. Such ties offer maximum performance, ensuring your hair stays in place set after set.

Types of Volleyball Hair Ties

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When we step onto the court, we want to focus on the game without any distractions, especially from our hair. That’s where volleyball hair ties come in, combining style with functionality to keep those locks secure. Let’s explore the kinds we can count on.

Elastic Bands

Elastic bands are a staple for athletes. TIY hair ties, known for their durability and range of brilliant colors, are a great example. They’re tough enough to hold your hair through rigorous movement and, most importantly, they are soft on your locks to prevent damage.


Scrunchies have made a big comeback and are perfect for volleyball players looking for a soft, yet effective hair tie option. Not only do they provide a secure hold, but they also add a pop of style with various colors and fabrics to match every uniform.

Non-Slip Options

For those who need an extra guarantee, non-slip options are the way to go. These hair ties have a gentle grip that won’t budge, ideal for maintaining our composure on the court without having to readjust our hair during the game.

Fashion and Functionality

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Volleyball is more than a sport; it’s an opportunity to shine in style and practicality. We’ve noticed how volleyball hair ties have become an essential part of the game, blending both fashion and functionality for players on the court.

Color Choices

We take our game seriously and that includes choosing the right colors for our volleyball hair ties. The right hue not only complements our team uniform but also expresses our personal style. Imagine a sea of vivid blues, striking reds, or playful pinks that match our vibrant team spirit. Each color serves a purpose, lifting our morale and making us feel unified as a team.

Accessorizing with Sportswear

Accessorizing our volleyball gear with sports-specific hair ties is how we enhance our appearance and our game. These aren’t just any hair ties; they are designed to hold our hair in place under the most intense conditions without sacrificing a drop of style. Whether it’s a simple yet chic braid or a ponytail that needs to last through a five-set thriller, we pick a product that won’t let us down.

Purchasing Options

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When looking for volleyball hair ties, we have a plethora of options at our fingertips to ensure we find the perfect match for our needs. Whether you prefer shopping from the comfort of your home or love the idea of unique, handmade accessories, there’s something for everyone.

Online Marketplaces

Etsy and Amazon are two of the most reliable online marketplaces for volleyball hair ties. On Etsy, you can discover a wide array of handmade pieces, vintage treasures, and craft supplies, often with the option of free shipping. This global marketplace is ideal for finding one-of-a-kind volleyball hair ties, whether you’re looking for something simple or something with a little more flair. Amazon offers a diverse selection of brands and often provides convenience through customer reviews, detailed product descriptions, and easy return policies. Moreover, you might stumble upon options for a volleyball hair tie subscription for regular deliveries.

Custom and Handmade Hair Ties

We know that custom and handmade items add a special touch to our volleyball gear. Sites like Etsy allow us to connect with creatives who offer personalized volleyball hair ties, which can be perfect for teams looking to match their uniforms or showcase their team spirit. These unique pieces are tailored to our style and often come with the benefit of supporting small businesses and artisans. Don’t forget to check the shops’ policies on custom orders to ensure that your handmade hair ties meet your expectations for function and fashion.

How to Use Volleyball Hair Ties

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We all know how a good volleyball hair tie can be the difference between keeping your focus on the spike and getting distracted by a loose strand during a critical set. Let’s dive into locking down that bump and keeping hair pulling at bay.

Creating a Secure Bump

When we’re on the court, we want our hair completely out of the way. Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. This spot is crucial because it allows room for a helmet if you’re a setter or a libero that wears one. Twist your customizable performance hair ties around the base of the ponytail until it feels snug but not too tight. You know you’ve nailed it when you can swiftly move into a bump position without a single flyaway breaking concentration.

Avoiding Hair Pulling During Play

To prevent painful pulling during a game, be strategic about the placement of your hair tie. If your hair is longer, consider using a second hair tie or a specifically designed tie that grips without tugging. For braids or ponytails, secure the end and any layers that could escape. Make sure the ties sit flat against your head; raised edges can catch and pull. And remember, those digs and serves will test your hairstyle’s endurance, so choosing hair ties made for the sport will help you avoid mid-match distractions.


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Volleyball hair ties are game-changers when we’re leaping for that block or serve. Understanding the ins and outs of these accessories will ensure our hair is as ready for game day as we are.

Are there special hair ties for volleyball?

Absolutely, there are hair ties designed specifically for volleyball players. These are usually more durable, offer a stronger hold to withstand rapid movements, and are often preferred by athletes to prevent hair distractions during play.

What kind of different hair ties are there?

Elastic Bands: Common and affordable but can damage hair.
Scrunchies: Gentle on hair and available in many fabrics.
Silicone Bands: Provide a secure, slip-resistant hold.
Fabric Ties: Can be soft and stretchy, or durable with added grip.

Can I wash hair ties?

Yes, most hair ties can be washed to maintain hygiene. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions, as washing methods can vary based on material, such as hand-washing for fabric ties or a gentle cycle in a mesh bag for elastic bands.

We hope you could find some valuable input about volleyball hair ties. We would be curious about your experience and look: Have you got a favourite hair tie? Let us know in the comments.

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