What Shoes Are Good for Volleyball: Essential Footwear for Court Performance in 2024

When we hit the court for a game of volleyball, our focus might be on the ball, our teammates, and our strategies, but have you ever thought about how much we rely on our footwear during the match? What shoes are good for volleyball? That’s a question worth diving into because the right pair can make a huge difference in our performance. From expert liberos to powerful hitters, every volleyball player needs shoes that provide the best traction, stability, and support.

Selecting the perfect volleyball shoes can often be overlooked, but it’s just as crucial as mastering a serve or a spike. These specialized shoes are designed to meet the demands of the sport, including sudden sprints, jumps, and lateral movements. The material, cushioning, and sole construction are tailored to ensure that our feet remain comfortable and protected throughout the game.

What shoes are good for volleyball: Understanding Volleyball Shoes

When we talk about what shoes are good for volleyball, we’re focusing on the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and durability. Specific designs and materials meet the mentioned unique demands of volleyball.

Shoe Design and Materials

The design and materials of volleyball shoes are geared towards ensuring stability and support, especially during the rapid side-to-side movements prevalent in the game. Brands like Asics and Mizuno often incorporate a gel cushioning system in the midsole, enhancing impact protection. The Gel-Rocket series by Asics, for example, offers a lightweight feel with ample cushioning, making it a popular choice among players.

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Nike and Adidas also offer volleyball shoes that strive for a balance between flexibility and stability, with features like a reinforced ankle support and breathable uppers. Materials are usually synthetics that provide a structured yet lightweight upper with mesh panels for breathability.

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Court Surface and Shoe Compatibility

The type of court surface you play on greatly influences the kind of shoe that will serve you best. What shoes are good for volleyball indoor courts? Important here is that the rubber outsole must deliver excellent traction while being non-marking to avoid leaving scuffs. Look for a sole that offers a strong grip to handle quick pivots and jumps. Durability is also key since indoor surfaces can wear down shoes quickly without a sturdy construction.

In comparison to running or basketball footwear, the best volleyball shoes are designed to offer a better court surface compatibility, ensuring players can perform their best with the right balance of cushioning, traction, and lateral support. For practice and value, paying attention to how well your shoes can handle the wear and tear of volleyball’s unique play style is crucial.

So the question for what shoes are good for volleyball cannot be answered to the fullest satisfaction by running or basketball shoes.

Key Features in Volleyball Shoe Selection

When it comes to deciding what shoes are good for volleyball, certain key features can make or break your game. We’ll explore the must-have qualities in volleyball footwear—focusing on cushioning, support, and durability—to ensure your next pair is on point.

Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Fit and Comfort: A proper fit is crucial for any athletic shoe, but for volleyball, with its constant jumping and swift movements, cushioning becomes a vital element. Look for shoes that boast a gel or foam midsole, as this provides the shock absorption necessary to protect your joints.

  • Objective: Minimize impact from jumps
  • Materials: Gel, Foam, Air-based cushioning
  • Benefit: Reduced stress on legs and joints

Ankle and Lateral Support

Stability and Lockdown: Volleyball demands rapid lateral movements and quick pivots, which is why ankle support and lateral stability are top priorities. Shoes featuring a high-top design or added ankle straps can offer a more secure lockdown, helping to prevent common injuries.

  • Importance: Essential for injury prevention
  • Design Elements: High tops, Reinforced side panels
  • Result: Enhanced ankle protection and stability during play

Durability and Performance

Longevity and Grip: Every volleyball player knows the frustration of worn-out shoes. Selecting a pair with durable construction and a strong grip is essential for both the lifespan of the shoe and your performance on the court. Rugged outsoles resist abrasion, while a sticky bottom maintains traction.

  • Key Materials: Rubber outsoles, Reinforced stitching
  • Performance Factor: Traction for improved court movement
  • Consideration: Balance between lightweight feel and robust build

Position-Specific Volleyball Shoes

When we think of what shoes are good for volleyball, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of each position on the court. Each role requires unique features for optimal performance, from liberos who prioritize agile movements to hitters who need superior shock absorption for frequent jumps.

Shoes for Defensive Players (Liberos)

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos: These swift defenders require shoes that deliver excellent agility and good traction. Liberos make quick cuts and sudden stops, so look for footwear with:

  • ✔️ Enhanced lateral support
  • ✔️Strong grip for rapid directional changes
  • ✔️ Lightweight design for comfort during long matches
  • 🚩 Might miss some cushioning effects for potential jumps
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Shoes for Setters

Setter Volleyball Shoes: As the strategists near the net, setters need responsive volleyball shoes that blend stability and flexibility. Setters should aim for shoes that offer:

  • ✔️ Cushioning for sustained comfort
  • ✔️ A snug fit to ensure precise movements
  • ✔️ Rubber soles for seamless transitions and soft landings
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Shoes for Hitters

Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters: Outside hitters and middle blockers have a strenuous job, demanding robust shoes with excellent shock absorption. Shoes suitable for an opposite hitter or an outside hitter should feature:

  • ✔️ Thick cushioning to reduce impact from jumps
  • ✔️ Durable construction to withstand aggressive play
  • ✔️ High cut designs for added ankle support
  • 🚩 Might reduce agility
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Popular Volleyball Shoe Brands and Models

When seeking what shoes are good for volleyball, it’s crucial to prioritize brands with a track record of high performance and comfort. The right shoe can elevate your game, providing the stability and support needed on the court.

Top Choices for Volleyball Shoes

Asics and Mizuno are the titans of volleyball footwear, with models like the Asics GEL-Rocket 9 and the Mizuno Wave Momentum frequently topping best-of lists. Asics’ GEL-Rocket series offers an excellent blend of cushioning and stability while maintaining a lightweight design. Meanwhile, Mizuno’s Wave Momentum delivers on responsive energy return and comfort.

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Nike and Adidas are not far behind, with popular models like the Nike React Hyperset providing incredible on-court feel and agility. Adidas impresses with their Crazyflight series, emphasizing a great fit and a boost in vertical performance for hitters.

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Emerging Options to Consider

New entries to the field such as the objectively comfortable Sky Elite FF by Asics, and Nike LeBron 20, known for its innovative use beyond basketball, are worth considering. The Sky Elite FF highlights Asics’ commitment to style and performance, whereas Nike’s foray with the LeBron 20 suggests a versatile shoe that transitions well onto the volleyball court.

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Additionally, Adidas has introduced models like the supportive Dame 7, showcasing versatility across different sports, while Asics Netburner Ballistic remains a steady choice for those desiring robust ankle stability without compromising on traction.

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Caring for Volleyball Shoes and Maximizing Longevity

We all want what shoes are good for volleyball to last as long as possible. It isn’t just about the initial performance; it’s also about maintaining that high level of comfort and stability over time. Let’s explore how to keep your volleyball shoes in top condition and recognize when it’s time to invest in a new pair.

Proper Cleaning and Storage

What shoes are good for volleyball? Answer: the clean ones!

🧼 Cleaning: After every game or practice, take a moment to remove any dirt or debris from your shoes with a soft brush or cloth. For a deeper clean, use a gentle, soapy water solution and focus on the non-fabric parts of the shoe to avoid damaging the material. Always allow your shoes to air dry, as heat from a dryer can compromise the shoe’s integrity and fit.

What shoes are good for volleyball? The dry and good looking ones!

👟Storage: Keep your volleyball shoes in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the materials over time, while damp environments can promote bacterial growth and odors. A breathable shoe bag is an excellent option for transportation and storage to maintain an ideal environment, preserving the shoes’ durability and comfort.

We’ve put together a list for perfect storage for volleyball knee pads here.

When to Replace Your Volleyball Shoes

What shoes are good for volleyball? The neat and stable ones!

Talking about what shoes are good for volleyball not only affects performance or appearance. We’re more talking about your health and the health of your feet. Worn-out or even broken shoes can lead to fatal injuries. They can cause slipping or fold overs.

Performance Check: Volleyball requires quick movements and high jumps, demanding a lot from your shoes. Regularly assess the cushioning and ankle support of your shoes. If you start to feel less shock absorption during play or less stability when making lateral movements, it might be time for a new pair.

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What shoes are good for volleyball? The intact ones!

Physical Signs: Inspect your shoes for visible wear, especially in the outsole and the toe area. If the tread is significantly worn or the midsole shows heavy creasing, these can be signs that your shoes are no longer offering the performance or value they once did. Also, if the shoes no longer provide a snug fit and your feet shift inside them, the comfort and ankle support may be compromised, signaling that replacement is due.

Proper care and timely replacement of your volleyball shoes will ensure you’re always bringing your best game to the court and staying safe.


When determining what shoes are good for volleyball, it’s crucial we look at specifics: the appropriate sole, fit, and support. Let’s answer some common questions.

What kind of shoes do you wear for volleyball?

For volleyball, it’s essential to wear shoes designed specifically for the sport. These should have a gum-rubber sole that offers excellent traction on the court, reinforced toe area for durability, and a secure fit that provides stability during lateral movements. Shoes with ample cushioning can also help absorb shock during jumps.

Can any shoes be volleyball shoes?

Not all shoes can be considered appropriate for volleyball. Only those with non-marking soles, good grip, and proper ankle support should be used on the court. It’s important to avoid shoes that lack these features, as they can lead to decreased performance or increase the risk of injury.

Is it OK to use running shoes for volleyball?

It’s generally not recommended to use running shoes for volleyball. Running shoes are designed for forward motion and often lack the lateral support needed for the quick side-to-side movements in volleyball. They also don’t provide the same level of grip on court surfaces as volleyball shoes do.

Is it OK to use basketball shoes for volleyball?

Basketball shoes can sometimes be a suitable alternative for volleyball, as they provide good traction and ankle support, necessary for the sport. However, they may be heavier than volleyball-specific shoes, which could slightly hinder movement on the court.

Are flat shoes better for volleyball?

Flat shoes are not typically better for volleyball, as players require shoes with cushioning that can handle repetitive jumping and landings. A slightly raised heel can be beneficial in a volleyball shoe, as it helps to promote a more dynamic stance and can aid in explosive movements.

We hope you could find some valuable input about what shoes are good for volleyball. We would be curious about your experience: Which position do you play at and what shoes have you got? Have you tried out different shoes? Maybe you’ve got a favourite brand? Let us know in the comments.

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