What is Volleyblock?

Hi, we are Julian and Philip, the founders of VolleyBlock.

We are a dedicated team of volleyball enthusiasts, united by our love for the sport and a shared commitment to deliver the best volleyball content to you.

Whether you´re a seasoned player, a passionate fan, or just starting to dig into the sport, our blog is your ultimate court-side companion. From expert tips and strategies to the latest trends in volleyball fashion, we have got it all covered.

Join us on this exciting journey as we serve up aces of inspiration, set the stage for valuable insights and spike our way through the world of volleyball.

VolleyBlock – every touch makes a difference – and we are here to make every moment on and off the court a winning one for you.

Feel free to contact us anytime!

Who are we?


Philip portrait

Hey there, volley-mates! I’m Philip, a 20-year-old volleyball aficionado. It all started 10 years ago, when I first attended a volleyball training. After that moment I loved everything about it and since then I am dedicated to this sport. I might still be figuring out life, but on the court, I´ve got my game face on.

Currently I play in the 3rd league of Germany as an outside hitter. However, I´ve played almost every position on the court in my career. On the sandy courts, I take my game to the sunny shores, diving my way through beach volleyball up to the 3rd highest tournament category in Germany. Therefore, I got you covered at any time of the year.

Philip Beachvolleyball

Off the court, I´m your typical 20-year-old juggling between being a student, hitting the gym and deciding which post-game snack I´m going to eat.

If you want you can drop me a direct message on my Instagram profile.

julian comic for about us


Hello everyone! My name is Julian and with 41 years I am almost double Philip’s age. So obviously my field of contribution lies more in providing tons of experience on the volleyball battlefield. I am father of 2 wonderful kids and I’m living with my family in Upper-Austria, close to the German border.

Already in young ages I joined our local volleyball club and immediately found my passion in this fascinating and fast sport. I used to play over 15 years of competitive and fun volleyball. Unfortunately one time during a squash match I tore my archilles tendon. Since then I was not able to participate in competitive tournaments anymore.

So from then I switched to tennis, which seems to be more appropriate for “older” people like me 😉

At Volleyblock I am responsible for the SEO activities and I hope you like our content.

If you want to get in touch with me personally then here you find my Instagram profile.