Anti-Ai Policy

Numerous brands and websites now rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for content creation, a method adopted by thousands, perhaps even millions. Each instance of AI substituting a human in these roles nudges the industry closer to a scenario where the written material may lose its creativity, personal touch, and significantly diminish in value for readers.

The creation of AI-generated content mainly consists of sourcing information from existing online platforms and altering it to avoid copyright infringement. This process overlooks the hard work of genuine researchers who gathered the data without receiving proper acknowledgment.

At Volleyblock, our commitment lies in developing content that is authentic, genuine and reflects human touch. We achieve this by partnering with creative talents and professionals in the field, including volleyball experts, coaches, as well as incorporating insights from our audience. This collaboration enables us to deliver premier content, diligently curated compilations, and personal opinions rooted in passionate and unique experiences.

AI lacks the capability to evaluate latest trends, share personal experiences from playing volleyball, express thoughts on tactics, or engage in interviews with notable persons of interest for detailed feature stories.

Our articles are uniquely written by real people and are regularly reviewed by independent experts. We prioritize quality over quantity, dedicating ample time to each article to ensure it features only the best images, expert insights, and and relevant content.

Moreover, we update our content frequently. That means at least every three months we check to maintain its relevance, usefulness, and currency.

Our goal is to produce the best content. Achieving this involves heavy research, unearthing hidden details online and connecting with industry experts for exclusive stories.

Volleyblock deliberately chooses not to employ AI in any aspect of content creation, research, or accuracy checks.

As an independent publication, we are deeply dedicated to fostering creativity in our industry, opting for human innovation over AI substitution.

In a time where content often seems AI-generated, our goal is for our brand to embody a personal, accessible, and natural touch.

From volleyballers to volleyballers . Every touch makes a difference.