Brazil Women’s National Volleyball Team in 2024: An Exciting Journey of Triumph and Teamwork

The next team I want you to introduce in our International Series is the Brazil women’s national volleyball team. This team is one of my favorites as those women combine power, athletics and temperament. I’ve already seen a lot of their games as they are thrilling to watch and you can learn a lot from their dynamic combinations.

What I admire about the team is also their fan culture. It’s a very fanatic one, but in an extremely positive way. But, see yourself and have fun with the article.

Team Overview of the Brazil Women’s National Volleyball Team

We’re proud to share the journey of our indomitable Brazil women’s national volleyball team. Steered by the legendary head coach José Roberto Guimarães, this team has earned its place in the halls of volleyball history. A beacon of skill and determination, they’ve triumphed as Olympic champions and have seamlessly navigated their way to top-tier positions in the world championships.

The team’s illustrious achievements include garnering a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics and continuing to challenge for top honours at subsequent games. Their competitive spirit has also led them to secure silver medals at events that write the annals of volleyball legends, like the FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

Guided by the Confederação Brasileira de Voleibol (CBV), their governing body, the team consistently finds themselves ranked highly in the FIVB World Rankings. This not only speaks to their technical prowess and on-court strategies but also underlines their unwavering commitment to the sport.

What truly sets our team apart is their embodiment of teamwork and excellence, a reflection of the broader sporting culture they represent. With eyes steadfastly set on future victories and hearts fueled by the passion of their supporters, the Brazil women’s national volleyball team is a shining example of athleticism at its finest.

Their resolve is tested regularly on the international stage, where each match is a display of their tenacity and skill. We stand united in our pride for this team’s legacy and the boundless potential that the future holds for them.

Historical Achievements

We’ve witnessed the Brazil women’s national volleyball team blossom into a formidable powerhouse, especially in recent decades. Our collective heart swells with pride recalling their string of impressive successes.

brazil women's national volleyball team group picture at Olympic games in Tokyo 2020
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  • Olympic Games: A crowning glory for us was the team’s performance at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Summer Olympics, where they captured the gold medal. Although we fell short at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we still remember the powerful games against countries like Japan, Serbia, the United States, and China that highlighted our skill and tenacity.
  • World Championship: From the courts of Japan to the passionate fans back home, we cheered as our team stepped onto podiums, securing their place in volleyball history.
  • Team Leaders: The role of the team captain has been crucial in guiding us through tough matches and leading by example, embodying the spirit and strategy needed for victory.

Here’s a glimpse of our accolades over the years:

Olympic Games 2008 (Beijing)🥇 Gold Medal
Olympic Games 2012 (London)🥇Gold Medal
World ChampionshipMultiple Podiums
Tokyo Olympics 2020Notable Matches

It’s more than just the medals that define our journey; it’s the perseverance, the shared moments of joy, and the unyielding spirit of the Brazil women’s national volleyball team that leaves a lasting legacy.

Key Players and Roles

In the realm of international volleyball, we’ve witnessed the Brazil women’s national volleyball team rise with remarkable athletes that have made resounding waves in the sport.

Star Performers

Gabi Guimarães:

brazil women's national volleyball team Gabi Guimarães in the air before hitting the ball
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  • Outside Hitter: A powerhouse on the court, renowned for her agility and powerful spikes.
  • Achievements: Integral player with significant contributions to the team’s victories.

Carol Gattaz:

brazil women's national volleyball team Carol Gattaz celebrating after a point
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  • Middle Blocker: Known for her formidable blocks and quick attacks.
  • Achievements: Veteran player adding strength and experience to the team’s defense.

Tandara Caixeta:

brazil women's national volleyball team Tandara Caixeta at serving
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  • Opposite Hitter: An aggressive attacker with a strong presence on the backcourt.
  • Achievements: Her powerful serves and spikes add depth to the team’s offense.

Fernanda Garay:

brazil women's national volleyball team Fernanda Garay holding a volleyball and smiling into the camera
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  • Outside Hitter: Brings resilience and a competitive edge to the team.
  • Achievements: Often a driving force in clinching important points during critical matches.

Sheilla Castro:

brazil women's national volleyball team Sheilla Castro with a huge smile and celebration pose
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  • Opposite Hitter: A veteran with an influential role in both attacking and guiding younger players.
  • Achievements: Her wealth of experience is vital in navigating high-pressure situations.

Rising Talents

  • Ana Cristina: A young athlete already making an impact, contributing fresh vitality to the squad.
  • Carol and Macris: While they’re established stars now, these players once represented the fresh future and continue to inspire new talent.

We’re proud to support these athletes and follow their ongoing journey as they maintain Brazil’s position as a formidable force in international volleyball.

Coaching and Training

When it comes to volleyball, we can’t help but admire the skill and flair of the Brazil women’s national volleyball team. Their remarkable achievements on the court are a direct reflection of the adept coaching and meticulous training regimes they undergo. Under the guidance of their esteemed head coach, José Roberto Guimarães, they’ve soared to new heights, consistently staying at the top of international rankings.

brazil women's national volleyball team José Roberto Guimarães holding volleyball with joy
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  • Head Coach: José Roberto Guimarães
  • Notable Past Coach: Bernardo Rezende (1990-2000)

Guimarães, also known as Zé Roberto, has been with the team since 2004 and is lauded for his strategic acumen and ability to bring out the best in his players. His impressive tenure includes numerous victories and the continuous evolution of Brazilian volleyball.

Training Highlights:

  • Focus on technical skills and team tactics.
  • Emphasis on optimizing player’s physical conditioning.
  • Regular assessments to tailor training to each athlete’s needs.

During their prep, our squad undergoes rigorous training sessions tailored to enhance their strength, agility, and game-specific skills. Combining state-of-the-art facilities with comprehensive training schedules, they are constantly elevating their gameplay.

Training Philosophy: Embrace diversity in playing styles, focus on teamwork, and maintain a resilient mindset.

Behind every powerful spike and strategic serve is a legacy of training excellence and coaching mastery. It’s this combination that maintains their status as a formidable powerhouse in international volleyball. With José Roberto Guimarães at the helm, and the spirit instilled by former coaches like Bernardo Rezende, our team’s future is as bright as the Olympic gold they’ve proudly earned.

Fan Engagement and Media

When we tune into a match featuring the Brazil women’s national volleyball team, it’s like witnessing a sea of green and yellow. Enthusiasm for the team is palpable, with every spike and serve feeling like a celebration of our nation’s spirit. Our camaraderie extends beyond the court, thriving across various digital platforms, where countless fans join to cheer for our beloved team.

brazil women's national volleyball team a crowd of fans cheering for their team
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Quick links provided on the Confederation’s official website,, allow us to follow the team’s journey seamlessly, from their grueling training schedules to heart-stopping match results. The site is a goldmine of information complete with statistics and the latest updates reaching us in a matter of clicks.

On social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages become hubs of team spirit. Photos and videos shared on these platforms bring us behind the scenes, while YouTube is a veritable treasure trove for reliving the most thrilling moments of each final round. At just a glance, we see our team’s determination and the collective passion of fans echoing in comments and likes.

As the Volleyball World TV (VBT) broadcasts the matches, for us, the engagement is about living every point. Whether it’s a pool match or the heights of a final showdown, digital platforms enhance our experience, making us a part of the action, together, no matter where we are.


We’re often asked about the prowess and history of the Brazil women’s national volleyball team. It’s our pleasure to share these insights that celebrate their remarkable journey and highlight some of the key figures who have shaped the team’s legacy.

Are Brazilians good at Volleyball?

Absolutely! The Brazil women’s national volleyball team is a dominant force in international competitions. They consistently hold top positions in global rankings and have a track record of winning medals in major tournaments, including Olympic Games and World Championships.

How tall is Thaisa Daher?

Thaisa Daher, a celebrated middle blocker for the Brazilian team, stands impressively tall at 1.96 meters (6 feet 5 inches). Her height has contributed to her reputation as a formidable presence at the net.

Where is Leila Barros now?

After retiring from professional volleyball, Leila Barros transitioned into a career in politics. She has successfully been elected as a senator in Brazil, where she continues to be an influential figure.

Who is the Champion of Volleyball in Brazil?

In Brazil, the title of champion is often bestowed upon the team that wins the Superliga, the country’s top domestic league. However, on the international stage, the Brazil women’s national volleyball team has won numerous titles, making them champions in the eyes of fans around the world.

We hope you could find some valuable input about Brazil women’s national volleyball team. Tell us something about you! Are you regularly following the matches of the Brazil women’s national volleyball team? Have you already seen a game live? Who is your favorite player? Let us know in the comments.

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