Turkey Women’s National Volleyball Team in 2024: Explore the “Sultans of the Net”

If you are the same volleyball nerd as Philip and I are, you’ve certainly already heard about the Turkey women’s national volleyball team. The Turkish team will be our first of our series about international male and female volleyball teams.

I chose them because of their incredible latest journey and success. On the one side they stand for exciting spikes, blocks and breathtaking rallies and on the other side they reflect the sprouting spirit of female empowerment and national pride within Turkey.

The success of the squad in international tournaments has not only elevated the profile of volleyball in Turkey but has also become a beacon of inspiration, showing what can be achieved through unity and perseverance.

History and Achievements of the Turkey Women’s National Volleyball Team

The Turkey women’s national volleyball team has soared to remarkable heights on both regional and international stages. Let us take a journey through their rise to glory, marked by unforgettable moments and trophies that have etched their name in the halls of volleyball history.

Founding and Early Years

The team was founded within the Turkish Volleyball Federation’s framework, with the aim of showcasing Turkey’s sporting talent. Our early years were about laying a solid foundation, understanding the nuances of the game, and building a team that could compete with the best. Our efforts culminated in a growing presence in European tournaments, setting the stage for future triumphs.

International Success

Our squad truly made waves on the international front when the team demonstrated remarkable skill and resilience in global contests. With a string of impressive performances, we quickly became regular contenders in the FIVB World Grand Prix and the Volleyball Nations League, revealing a new era of Turkish volleyball to the world. Our climb up the world rankings was no small feat, reflecting the dedication and spirit of the team.

Significant Tournaments

The turning point for us was securing successes in several significant tournaments:

  1. European Championship: Our perseverance paid off as we claimed a bronze medal, affirming our rising status in Europe.
  2. Volleyball Nations League: Participation in this prestigious league has sharpened our skills against the global elite.
  3. Summer Olympics: Our appearance at the Summer Olympics has been a source of pride, showcasing our capabilities on the world’s most revered sporting stage.
  4. World Championship: Our journey at this tournament has been filled with challenging matches that have tested and ultimately strengthened our team’s resolve.

With each competition, the Turkey women’s national volleyball team has grown in skill and confidence, securing a place at the heart of our nation’s sports fans and establishing a legacy that will inspire future generations of volleyball players.

Team Composition and Notable Players

As we dive into the heart of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team, it’s essential to zero in on the composition and the awe-inspiring talents that make up our squad. From star performers who’ve become the face of volleyball in Turkey to the rising talents shaping our future victories, every member makes the core stronger, backed by a dedicated coaching and support staff.

Star Performers

  • Eda Erdem Dündar: Captain and an incredible middle blocker, Eda’s leadership and skills are pivotal for our team’s success.
Eda Erdem Dündar turkey women's national volleyball team
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  • Ebrar Karakurt: Ebrar’s explosive power as an opposite hitter has solidified her as a vital asset on the court.
Ebrar Karakurt turkey women's national volleyball team
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  • Melissa Vargas: The Cuban-born powerhouse, now a valuable part of our team, brings remarkable spikes to the fray.
Melissa Vargas turkey women's national volleyball team
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  • Gizem Örge: Renowned for her agility, Gizem stands as our defensive backbone as a libero.
Gizem Örge turkey women's national volleyball team
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Coaching and Support Staff

  • Guidetti, Giovanni (Head Coach): His strategic acumen has played a key role in steering the team to new heights.
  • Support staff: A well-coordinated team ensures our players are at their peak, both mentally and physically.

Rising Talents

  • Simge Şebnem Aköz: As a libero, she’s rapidly gaining recognition for her defensive prowess.
  • Zehra Güneş: Already awarded as Best Middleblocker during FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship in 2015 in Peru at an early stage, she demonstrated why she will be one of the most famous players from the Turkey women’s national volleyball team.
  • Cansu Özbay: With her exceptional setting, Cansu is the maestro orchestrating our plays.
  • Ayça Aykaç: The upcoming talent in the role of libero, Ayça, shows promising signs of being the next big name in Turkish volleyball.

Each of these individuals contributes to the intricate mosaic that is the Turkey women’s national volleyball team, and their relentless pursuit of excellence propels us toward greatness on the global stage.

Competitions and Rankings

Just recently, we’ve witnessed an outstanding upward trend in the performance of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team. Their triumph at the Volleyball Nations League not only marked a significant achievement but also led to an impressive climb in global standings.

Annual Events and Championships

Each year, we set our sights on the eagerly anticipated Volleyball Nations League (VNL), a pivotal event that showcases the prowess of international teams, including ours. In 2023, our ladies proved their mettle by claiming the VNL championship, a testament to their dedication and skill. This victory was especially momentous as it affected our position in the global rankings and potential qualification for future events.

Global Standings

When it comes to the FIVB world ranking, we stand tall with great pride. Following an inspirational performance at the VNL, the Turkey women’s national volleyball team advanced to the first place on the FIVB Women’s Volleyball World Ranking, an achievement that speaks volumes about the talent and hard work of our players and coaching staff.

  • World Ranking:
    • 1st Place: Turkey – 365.64 points
    • 2nd Place: United States – 358.45 points (7.19 points behind us)
    • 3rd Place: Italy – 354.41 points (11.23 points behind us)

This ranking doesn’t just represent a number; it embodies the spirit and drive of our team as they continue to excel at major international events and carry the hopes of our nation on the global stage.

Cultural Impact and Social Aspects

The triumphs of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team, affectionately known as the Sultans of the Net, resonate far beyond the court. They reflect a nation grappling with issues of social equality, influencing everything from media coverage to public conversations on social media.

Representation and Role Models

The Sultans of the Net have become much more than a sports team; they’re a symbol of empowerment. Each victory serves as a rally cry echoing the potential of women in sports and societal roles at large. With players like Ebrar Karakurt stepping into the limelight, it’s clear they’re setting new standards for what role models look like in Turkey. They’ve shown that a player’s skills on the court trump any societal prejudices, promoting inclusivity and challenging traditional norms.

Media and Public Relations

The role of news outlets and the Turkish Volleyball Federation in shaping the narrative cannot be understated. Coverage of the team’s victories often highlights their contributions to national unity and pride. Social media platforms buzz with support and discussions about their impact, reflecting a changing tide in public perception and engagement. Even as they face cultural pushback, the team’s media presence—sometimes contentious, always consequential—provides a pulse on Turkey’s evolving social landscape.

Organization and Structure

When we think of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team, we’re looking at an outstanding example of organization and effectiveness. The team’s structure is a testament to the meticulous planning and dedication behind the scenes. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes our team not just good, but great.

Governing Body and Administration

The Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) is the cornerstone of the volleyball establishment in Turkey. It carries the torch for our national presence on the world stage, coordinating closely with both the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Our TVF president provides the leadership and vision needed to keep us competitive and prominent in the global arena.

  • Leadership: The President of the TVF sets the strategic direction.
  • Contacts: Regular liaison with CEV and FIVB ensures we stay aligned with international best practices.

Training and Development

At the heart of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team is our approach to training and development; it’s rigorous and comprehensive. We recognize that our players’ growth is both an educational journey and a physical regimen. This dual emphasis ensures that our athletes are not only at peak fitness but intellectually prepared for the tactical challenges of high-level volleyball. The structure of our training program is specifically tailored to nurture talent and to forge a team that excels.

  • Education: Ongoing education is essential; we fuse coursework with court practice.
  • Structure: Our training structure is carefully designed, focusing on strategy, technique, and teamwork.

Through rigorous organization and a holistic development approach, we foster a team culture that’s equal parts brain and brawn, setting the stage for the Turkey women’s national volleyball team to shine.


We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about the dynamic Turkey women’s national volleyball team. Let’s dive into specifics and fact-checked answers that fans are curious about.

Who is the best female volleyball player in Turkey?

Ebrar Karakurt is often celebrated as one of the best female volleyball players to come from Turkey. Her impressive attacking skills and valuable contributions to the team’s international successes have made her a standout athlete.

How much do Turkish women’s volleyball players make?

Salaries for Turkish women’s volleyball players can vary widely. Stars playing for top clubs may earn between $150,000 to $1,000,000 annually, with foreign players sometimes earning even more.

Who is the captain of the Turkish women’s volleyball team?

As of my last update, Eda Erdem Dündar held the captaincy of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team. Her leadership on and off the court has been instrumental in the team’s achievements.

Did Turkey win volleyball World Cup?

Turkey has not won the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Cup. However, their growing international presence and achievements have been marking their ascent in international volleyball.

We hope you could find some valuable input about the Turkey women’s national volleyball team. Tell us something about you! Are you a fan of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team? Who is your most favorite player? Let us know in the comments.

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