Average Volleyball Player Height in 2024: Discover why height is not everything

When we ponder the dynamics of volleyball, one aspect that frequently spikes interest is the average volleyball player height. This physical attribute, while not the sole factor, can significantly influence a player’s performance on the court. Often, we’re captivated by the tall athletes who dominate at the net, but it’s not just about their impressive stature—each position demands a unique set of physical and skill-based attributes. Height, in this context, is more than just a number—it’s a critical component that can provide a competitive edge.

Our understanding of the game deepens when we examine the average volleyball player height by position, from the agile liberos to the towering middle blockers. The physical demands of volleyball are rigorous, and height can play a pivotal role in how players contribute to their teams.

Height and Position Roles

Captivating the intrigue of volleyball fans, we’ve found that the average volleyball player height impacts the game significantly. Standing at an average of 6.3 ft (191.03 cm), the players’ height varies by position, each harnessing its distinct physical edge to excel.

Setters and Liberos

Liberos and defensive specialists might not fit the profile for average volleyball player height, but they more than make up for it with their exceptional defensive abilities.

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Setters are the strategists, weaving the game with precision; they tend to be shorter, agile, facilitating quick responses and tactical plays. Liberos often match setters in height, using their compact stature to dive and dig with lightning speed. For setters, height often hovers around 6.0 to 6.2 ft (182.9 to 188 cm), while liberos can be among the shortest volleyball players, sometimes even below 6 feet.

That is also why liberos don’t contribute a lot to increase the average volleyball player height 😅.

Middle Blockers and Outside Hitters

Middle blockers, the towering sentinels of the court, typically stand as the tallest volleyball players, often reaching or surpassing 6.4 ft (193 cm). Their formidable height forms an integral part of their blocking and attacking repertoire. Conversely, outside hitters require a blend of height and versatility, usually finding themselves at an optimum average height of around 6.3 ft (190.5 cm), enabling both powerful spikes and solid defense. So both positions contribute to an increase of the average volleyball player height.

Opposite Hitters

Right-side, or opposite hitters, possess a diverse skill set and have well-above-average height, which correlates with powerful back-row attacks and blocks. Their stature rivals that of middle blockers, with many standing around the 6.4 ft (193 cm) mark, granting them the leverage to challenge opponents on both offensive and defensive fronts.

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Average Volleyball Player Height Across Male and Female

Exploring the average volleyball player height, we see a significant difference between male and female players. For the professional male volleyball players, the bar is set high with an average height of about 6.6 ft (197 cm). This figure overshadows the average height of female volleyball players, who typically stand around 6 ft (183 cm).

Male Player Average: 6.6 ft (197 cm)
Female Player Average: 6.0 ft (183 cm)

The Tallest Male Volleyball Player Ever

Morteza Mehrzad, standing at an incredible height of 8.1 ft (246 cm), is the tallest male volleyball player ever to play the game. His towering presence not only brought him individual fame but also truly exemplified how height can be a game-changing factor in volleyball.

Morteza Mehrzad

Mehrzad was born with Acromegaly, which forces him to use crutches. That’s why he participates in sitting-volleyball. He has already won 2 gold medals for Iran in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and 2021 in Tokio.

The Tallest Female Volleyball Player Ever

On the women’s side, with her height of 6.8 ft (207 cm) Anna Smrek is definitely one of the top candidates for the title for the tallest female volleyball player in the world. The Canadian youngstar is currently playing college volleyball for Wisconsin University as middle blocker and she is definitely responisble to increase the average volleyball player height.

Attributes Beyond Height

When we think of volleyball, it’s immediately clear that the average volleyball player height can significantly impact a player’s role on the court. But there’s more to the game than just towering heights; factors such as reach, agility, and strength also play pivotal roles in an athlete’s performance.

Vertical Jump and Reach

The ability to jump high is crucial, especially for spikers and blockers, where the vertical jump directly correlates to the effectiveness of hitting and blocking. Reach is a measurement that combines a player’s height and their ability to extend their arms above their head, determining how high they can touch on the jump. Players in volleyball undergo intensive training to maximize their jumping prowess, with a particular emphasis on enhancing muscle power and optimizing technique.

average volleyball player height Two female middle blockers during block
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Strength and Agility

While height is advantageous in volleyball, strength and agility enable athletes to move swiftly across the court and maintain powerful plays. Success in volleyball isn’t solely dependent on reaching high; it’s also about reacting quickly and forcibly. Speed becomes vital in defensive maneuvers, and robust blockers need the strength to counter the ball’s velocity. Meanwhile, agility allows players to maintain balance and coordination, crucial for quick directional changes and strategic positioning.

Mental Tenacity and Game Sense

A match isn’t won on physical prowess alone. Mental tenacity steers our players through the pressure-cooker moments while strategy and game sense dictate their every move on the court. It’s a chess match in every serve, a battle of wits with every volley.

Professional Volleyball Player Insights

When we think about volleyball, we instinctively recognize that height can be an asset. In exploring the world of professional volleyball, it becomes evident how a player’s stature aligns with their role on the court. Let’s dive into the specifics of average volleyball player height and see how it shapes the game differently for men and women.

Height Influence in Professional Leagues

In professional leagues, the height requirement isn’t explicitly stated, but there’s an unspoken understanding that certain heights offer strategic advantages.

It’s not uncommon to find male volleyball players towering over 7 ft and female volleyball players who exceed 6.4 ft, enabling them to reach and attack the ball more effectively. This average volleyball player height trend underscores a key aspect of professional volleyball – while skill and athleticism are paramount, height surely provides a towering advantage.

Average Heights among Professionals

At the professional level, the height of players can be a defining factor for success. The USA Men’s National Team showcases an impressive average height of 6 feet 5.57 inches (197 cm) for men. This emphasizes how important stature can be in the highly competitive realm of professional volleyball.

Training and Development

As we explore the impact of the average volleyball player height on overall performance, it’s crucial to consider training and development. Even though height can be advantageous, honing skills is key to maximizing any player’s court presence.

Improving Ball Control and Defense

Defense is vital in volleyball, regardless of a player’s stature. For liberos, who specialize in defensive plays, excellent ball control is a non-negotiable skill. The focus here is on mastering digs and passes. Regular drills that challenge these players to control the ball’s direction and pace are essential. Incorporate passing drills that mimic game scenarios to enhance their ability to read the play and react swiftly.

average volleyball player height female libero in dredging position
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Enhancing Offensive Skills

When we talk about offensive skills in volleyball, we’re referring to spiking, serving, and hitting. A powerful swing can be a game-changer for players aiming to score. Training should include targeted exercises to increase arm strength and improve the swing technique. Players should practice various serving styles, like float and jump serves, to become well-rounded in their offensive abilities. Spike approach drills and proper hitting techniques can also make a significant difference, allowing players to utilize their height effectively.

Impact of Height in Volleyball Recruitment

When we look at volleyball recruitment, the average volleyball player height plays a significant role. Let’s explore how height factors into the recruiting criteria and talent evaluation in this competitive sport.

College Volleyball Recruitment

Height can give a significant advantage during the recruiting process. Coaches often have desired physical profiles for potential recruits, especially in Division I, where the competition level is incredibly high. The recruiting guidelines provided by coaches give us a glimpse into the baseline physical requirements which often include, but aren’t limited to, a player’s height and vertical jump.

Height Considerations Across Divisions

In Division II and Division III, the range of acceptable heights can be more varied. While still important, coaches in these divisions sometimes focus more on skills, experience, and cardio conditioning. The average vertical jump can also be pivotal, as it is a direct measure of a player’s potential on-court performance, regardless of their height. Coaches across all divisions are looking for athletes who can compete at the college level effectively, and height is one of the many factors considered in this multifaceted recruiting approach. So only looking at the average volleyball player height doesn’t make any sense for coaches and talentscouts.


We often hear questions about the average volleyball player height and the implications it has for athletes in the sport. Let’s explore some common inquiries.

How tall must you be to play volleyball?

There isn’t a mandatory height required to play volleyball. Players of various statures can succeed, with skills and teamwork often outweighing height advantages.

How tall is the average girl volleyball player?

The average height of female volleyball players typically ranges around 6 feet (182 cm) according to recent data from various volleyball associations.

What is the Average Height of a Male Volleyball Player?

For male volleyball players, the norm is generally higher, with an average height hovering around 6’6 (198 cm).

Is 5’3 too short to play volleyball?

At 5’3, you might be shorter than the average volleyball player height, but it’s your skills and determination that truly define your capability to play volleyball, not just your stature.

We hope you could find some valuable input about average volleyball player height. Tell us something about you! What is your height and your position? Are you comfortable with it? Which skills have you got to potentially cope with a small height. Let us know in the comments.

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