Volleyball Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2024: Top Picks for On-Court Style

When we hit the volleyball court, the last thing we want to worry about is our hair getting in the way of that perfect serve or spike. That’s why finding the right volleyball hairstyles for long hair is crucial, not just for function but for fashion too. We all want to look good while playing hard, and a hairstyle that can withstand the intensity of the game is a game-changer.

Basic Volleyball Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of our biggest challenges with volleyball hairstyles for long hair is keeping it secure and tangle-free. By selecting volleyball hairstyles for long hair that can hold up under the rigors of the game, we ensure our focus remains on the ball, not on stray hairs. Whether it’s a sleek ponytail or a more intricate braid, each option serves a dual purpose: maintaining our vision during the match and expressing our personal style.

Classic Ponytails and Variations

Ponytails are the go-to for simplicity and effectiveness. Starting with the high ponytail, it’s brilliant for keeping hair tightly secured and off your neck. For some added flair, we can weave in colorful ribbons that match our team colors or add hair accessories for a personal touch.

High Ponytail:

  • Best for: Ease of movement; keeping hair off the neck and away from the face.
  • How to achieve: Pull hair back into a tight ponytail at the crown of the head and secure with a durable elastic.
volleyball hairstyles for long hair 2 female players standing in front of net with ponytails
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  • Sleek Ponytail: For an ultra-polished look, we smooth our hair back and secure it tightly at the crown.
  • Bubble Ponytail: To add some fun, we section our hair with elastics down the length of the ponytail, puffing out each segment slightly to create a ‘bubble’ effect.
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Secure Buns

Lastly, buns make for a solid defensive play against loose strands during a match. A tight hair bun stays put best, especially when we use bobby pins and hair ties to lock everything in place.

  • Messy Bun: If we’re going for a quick updo, the messy bun is our reliable friend. It’s easy to do and gives a carefree vibe while keeping our long hair away from the action.
  • Braided Bun: When we want to combine the staying power of braids with the compactness of a bun, we twist our braid up into a bun for an unbeatable combination.
volleyball hairstyles for long hair collage of female players with buns
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volleyball hairstyles for long hair collage of female players with different buns
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Advanced Volleyball Hairdos

When it comes to advanced volleyball hairstyles for long hair, mastering a few sophisticated techniques will elevate your game-day look. We’ll explore creative ways to weave your locks and twist them up for maximum style and function on the court.

Braids Essentials

Braids aren’t just a stylish addition; they’re a strategic choice for volleyball players. The French braid is ideal for keeping every strand in place, starting from the hairline and adding in sections until reaching the nape. What’s great is we can transition from a braid into a ponytail for a practical yet fashionable hairstyle.

volleyball hairstyles for long hair woman wearing a fishtail braid blond hair outdoor
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  • Boxer Braids: These are essentially double Dutch braids that run parallel on each side of the head, perfect for even the most intense games.
  • Fishtail Braid: While it takes a bit more skill, the fishtail braid offers a more intricate and secure pattern that is worth the effort.
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volleyball hairstyles for long hair woman wearing a fishtail braid
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Creative Braiding Techniques

Braids are a cornerstone for volleyball hairstyles for long hair due to their ability to keep hair secure throughout intense matches. Let’s start with some intricate options:

  • French Braid: Begin at the crown and incorporate strands along the scalp as you braid down, offering a snug fit that endures dives and jumps.
  • Dutch Braids: Similar to the French braid but with an “inside-out” appearance, this braid stands out on the court, adding a three-dimensional look.
  • Double Dutch Braid: Two parallel Dutch braids give a balanced look and additional control, perfect for fast movements.
volleyball hairstyles for long hair sporty woman wearing half a dutch braid and half a ponytail
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For longevity and visual impact, you might also consider:

  • Fishtail Braid: Split hair into two sections instead of three, and alternate small pieces from each side for a detailed and sporty style.
  • Box Braids: While more time-consuming, these braids provide a worry-free hairstyle that lasts through multiple games.
  • Cornrow Braids: Ideal for keeping hair close to the scalp and out of the way, cornrows can be fashioned into various patterns for a personalized touch.

Elegant Twists and Updos

Twists and updos are not only elegant but also highly functional volleyball hairstyles for long hair. Here are some polished looks:

  • Bubble Braids: Secure ponytail sections with elastics down the length of your hair, pulling gently to create “bubbles.” It’s both playful and practical.
  • Ghana Braids: These involve an underhand technique, creating raised braids that are both protective and chic.
volleyball hairstyles for long hair woman with bubble braid in side view
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A side braid can also be an attractive and effective option, sweeping hair out of the face and off the neck. Whether you favor the simplicity of fishtail braids or the complexity of Ghana braids, your hairstyle can make a statement while keeping those locks under control.

volleyball hairstyles for long hair woman with Ghana braids
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Challenges with Long Hair

Hair Texture and Length:

  • 🚩 Issues: Fine hair may slip from styles; very long hair may require extra securing.
  • ✔️ Solutions: Use texture sprays for grip; layer elastics for lengthier locks.

Maintaining Visibility:

  • 🚩 Issues: Stray hairs can obstruct vision during play.
  • ✔️ Solutions: Employ strong hold hair products; opt for snug styles like buns or braided crowns for optimal sightlines.

Maintaining Your Volleyball Hairstyle

To keep our volleyball hairstyles for long hair looking great from the first serve to the final point, we need the right products and a post-match care routine. Let’s ensure our hair stays in place and continues to look good, even after an intense game.

Essential Hair Products and Accessories

When preparing for a match, it’s essential to have the right hair products on hand:

  • Hairspray: A firm-hold hairspray ensures that our hairstyle remains intact throughout the game.
  • Bobby pins: These are crucial for securing any loose ends or flyaways.
  • Hair clips: To keep layers under control during the styling process.
  • Hair accessories: Besides their functional use, they add a bit of personality to our look.

An organized approach helps us maintain the integrity of our chosen style, like a sleek high ponytail or a sturdy braid.

Caring for Your Hairstyle Post-Match

Loosely based on the saying Beauty is Pain, we need to understand that with growing complexity of volleyball hairstyles for long hair the more important is a well done hair care. After the match, it’s important to gently remove all hair accessories to prevent tangling. We follow a simple routine:

  1. Brush through our hair to remove any knots caused by hair clips or bobby pins.
  2. Conditioner plays a key role in replenishing any moisture lost during the game.

By taking these steps, we protect our hair from damage and keep it ready for the next volley of action on the court.


When we hit the court, our volleyball hairstyles for long hair need to do more than just look good—they must keep strands secure and out of our faces. Let’s answer some common questions to ensure our hair game is just as strong as our serve.

What hairstyle is best for volleyball?

French braids are top-notch for volleyball. They work wonders at keeping hair tightly pulled back, which is vital during a high-energy match. Many players opt for the double dutch braid, as it’s both secure and stylish, while others favor a single braid that can easily be tucked under a headband.

How do volleyball players wear their hair?

Volleyball players wear their hair in a variety of ways, but common elements include security and comfort:

  • High ponytails: A staple that pairs well with headbands or bows.
  • Buns: Choices range from a sleek ballet bun to a more relaxed messy bun.
  • Braids: From classic French braids to fancier fishtails.
  • Half-up-half-down styles: For those who want some hair down but out of their eyes.

Always use strong hold hair products to maintain the style throughout the game.

What is best styling for long hair?

For the best styling of long hair, think balance:

  • Ease of movement: You want to avoid any style that is too heavy or that swings around.
  • Hold: Utilize elastics and bobby pins to secure your style.
  • Comfort: Avoid styles that are too tight or that cause headbands to press into your scalp.

Hairstyles like the braided bun or the back braid bun provide a polished look while being game-day practical.

We hope you could find some valuable input about volleyball hairstyles for long hair. We would be curious about your experience and favourite hairstyle. What is your secret to keep your hair in place? Let us know in the comments.

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